Fromel Electronics Seraph Chorus (2011)

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2011 Fromel Electronics Seraph Chorus is in excellent condition and perfect playing order. Comes with the box and instructions.

Overall this pedal is in great shape. Has a few chips in the finish on the back plate, and one of the screws that attaches the back plate had the head sheared off.

The Seraph Chorus is recreation of the lush sounded Boss DC-2 Dimension Chorus. The 3 switches allow you to select 3 various modes, much like the original 4 modes of the original effect the Seraph was modeled after. But gives the player the option to combine the voicings to create alternate modes.

Made in Seattle, WA. The Seraph Chorus is a stereo chorus, with a mono and stereo output, that uses two independent low-voltage bucket brigade delay chips to create the super luscious and watery chorus.

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