Radial BigShot MIX

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Price : $139.99

Lets you mix any effect into your signal path

Class-A circuit retains natural tone of instrument

Buffered loop to reduce pedal noise

Compact and rugged for pedalboards

Bright LED status indicator

At last, a device that allows you to mix the direct sound of an instrument with effects the same way that a professional mixing console lets you add reverb to a dry vocal. The BigShot MIX is designed for the more demanding guitar or bass player that wants to introduce cool effects pedals to the signal path without the noise and artifacts caused by their 'less than ideal' circuitry and cheap buffers.

The MIX begins with 100% discreet, pure class-A circuitry to ensure the natural tone of the instrument is maintained. On the connector panel, a simple effects loop with send and return 1/4” jacks make connecting easy. A recessed MIX control lets you adjust and set the exact balance between your dry sound and the effect. Best of all, the natural tone of the instrument is maintained.

Like all Radial pedals the MIX is made road tough with 14 gauge steel construction, double sided PC board and a heavy duty footswitch.

The BigShot MIX effects mixer – an industry first by the mad scientists at Radial.

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