Louis Electric Tornado 1x12 Combo (2013)

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2013 Louis Electric Tornado 1x12 combo is in excellent condition and perfect playing order.

Louis Electric amplifier are hand-wired, point-to-point, in New Jersey! The Tornado is a British-voiced version of a 5E3 Deluxe that pumps 30 watts out of a pair of EL34 power tubes. It's simple in design, yet powerful in it's performance. Not to mention, it loves pedals!

If you're looking for the glorious tones of a cranked-to-10, late '60's rock sound in a 36 lb. grab 'n go combo, the Louis Electric Tornado is the answer to your dreams.

The Tornado is a 36 lb, 1 x 12 combo and raucous companion to the Buster. The EL34 driven Tornado puts out 30 watts of stunning Louis Electric clean tones that quickly morphs into the glorious sound of a dimed stack, but at a more reasonable volume.

The clean tones are breathtakingly beautiful--big and warm with a gradual emphasis on the mid's and a tightening of the lows and highs as you wind up the volume. Gradually transforming this clean cut little combo into a miniature raging mini stack with loads of mid-range crunch.

Another incredible grab 'n go amp from Louis Electric. Stunning clean tones and jaw dropping crunch and overdrive make it a guitarist's best companion at home, in the studio and on stage.


-Classification: AB1, fixed bias

-Power output: 30 watts

-Speaker: Celestion G12 Classic Lead 80

-Speaker load: 8 ohms

-Controls: 2 volume, 1 tone

-Three input with cathode cap switch

-Pre Amp Tubes: 1 12AX7 input, 1 12AT7 phase inverter

-Output Tubes: 2-EL34

-Rectifier: 1-5AR4

-Height: 16", Width: 20", Depth: 9"

-Weight: 36 lbs.

-Eyelet Terminal board construction

-Hand Selected caps and resistors

-Custom designed hand built transformers

-Belton tube sockets

-Switchcraft and Carling input jacks and switches

-High quality machine grade fasteners

-Moisture free circuit board

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