Zvex '59 Sound

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ZVEX Effects proudly introduces the newest member to our line, the 59 Sound. Its based on the legendary 1959 Tweed Fender Bassman. The 59 Sound captures the essence of that magical amplifier. For one week only, you can purchase this new ZVEX device before it hits the stores, either as a gorgeous hand-painted version or a stickered Vexter version available well before the actual Vexters hit the market and at a very affordable price.

I've never really liked the sound of distorted Fender amps (this is Zack pontificating) except for my earliest amp, a blonde Fender Bassman with a 2X12 cab that just rip roared pure tinnitus joy. But there is one Fender that blows that one completely away, and that's a '59 Bassman. I guess the way it affected Jim Marshall was similar, back in the 60s, because he used it as the template for the first Marshall amps. So it's not out of the realm of possibility to imagine that the ZVEX Box of Rock, which accurately models the Marshall JTM45 amps, could be modded to sound like a '59 Bassman. Tommy Rehbein, our customer service specialist, tackled this particular concept and listened closely to a '59 Bassman for a few days and tweaked components in our BOR until he got that magical '59 Sound worked out... and now we're offering it to you.

Gorgeous hand painted enclosure looks as good as it sounds.

It's pretty amazing, especially when you use your guitar's volume control to explore it's wide range of textures.

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