Red Witch Fuzz God II

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Fuzz God II - the insane silicon brother of Germanium Fuzz God. It's wilder,
it's crazier, it's the loose cannon sonic brother that you wouldn''t introduce to your girlfriend, cause
you know he'd try his luck with her.

Fuzz God II allows you to create fuzzyness of epic proportions
(think red seas parting, burning bushes, pillars of salt etc).
From your classic fuzz tones of the sustaining, soulful, singing kind
through to those of utter chaos - encompassing suboctave madness,
parasitic sustain and out of control fax machine dial lunacy.
more useable. more interactive. more versatile. even more omnipotent.

Volume - This controls the output Volume - convert the masses quietly or
with blasting trumpets (err, guitars)

Fuzz - From a gentle break up to a singing beam of fuzz - you decide!!!

Wrath - All gods have it and the Lord of the Fuzz is no different - click this
only to smite the most brazen of unbelievers. When engaged (by depressng the
lightning bolt footswitch) you can dial up all manner of destruction ; SubOctave
thunder, eternally sustained notes, squealing high frequency note corruption and
a myriad number of other terrifying tones.

Sputter - Choose from a smooth singing fuzz to a ragged, rough, sputty gated mess and
anything in between. This control will crackle when turned - it''s changing a dc bias - and that''s ok by me.

Awaken - A super sturdy truebypass switch to engage the Fuzz God effect.

Engage this footswitch to incur the wrath of the Fuzz God - crazed oscillation and octavization effects.

Lightning Toggle switch - Engage this to double your gain.Heh.Ahhhhh.....heh. HEH!!!

Ear Toggle switch - Engage this switch to boost treble frequencies.

Internal trim pot - Inside the Fuzz God II is a small blue trim pot which enables you to adjust the masteer bias on the transistors - make it smoother or more sputtery - it's all down to you.

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