Electric Heat Ape Blaster Fuzz

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Price : $160.00

The Ape Blaster Fuzz is the best modern high-gain silicon transistor fuzz pedal money can buy. Not to mention, it is completely hand-built right here in Seattle, Washington from the mind of mad fuzz scientist, Darren Chase.

About as straight forward as it gets. The gain is fixed at maximum, the player is given a volume control and a toggle switch that provides a mild bass cut when clicked forward. The tonal varieties, by switching between pickups or utilizing the guitars volume controls, are a vast ocean easily lost in.

Fat, woofy, and aggressive. With a mild compression/bloom, it pays tribute to the roots of fuzz, but snarls into the future with its incredible sustain and smoothness. Producing powerful lows with tremendous mids and thick highs, it is a sonic maze not for the faint of heart. At certain pickup output volumes, the Ape Blaster Fuzz almost starts a very subtle octavio effect. And with high output pickups, when you dump the volume the pedal begins to self-oscillate.

Runs off a standard 9 volt positive sleeve/negative tip power supply only.

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