Magnatone Custom 480 High Fidelity (1961)

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1961 Magnatone Custom 480 High Fidelity 2x12 combo is in excellent condition and perfect playing order.

The Custom 480 was the top of the line Magnatone amp and was only made from 1961 to 1963. It was the most feature packed amplifier they made and has a tone like no other. A true stereo 2x12 combo that pumps out 50 watts, loaded with 13 tubes, has 2-channels, and has built-in reverb and stereo pitch bending vibrato!

"This was a true stereo amplifier. There are two input channels, and two separate output power amp systems, each consisting of a 12AU7 phase inverter, 2 6973 output tubes, a output transformer, and a 12" and 5x7" speaker pair. Unlike a Ampeg Super Echo Twin, where the signals for an input is dedicated to the signal of the output (i.e. Channel No.1 to Output No.1, and Channel No.2 to Output No.2), the 480 mixes the two input channels to each of the output channels via the stereo vibrato circuit. It is truly a magnificent circuit. Being Magnatone's cadillac amp, the vibrato uses 8 varistors, a 6CG7, and a 12DW7, and a 12BH7."

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