Barber Trifecta

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Barber trifecta in excellent condition and perfect playing order.

This amazing pedal is for classic fuzz freaks and newcomers alike. The Barber Trifecta employs a three way toggle switch to seamlessly navigate three incredible classic vintage fuzz circuits producing a plethora of great tones, that go from trippy to squishy, through heavy and beyond. The Barber exclusive "Sludge" control allows players to easily dial in the Trifecta to work perfectly with all types of pickups (humbuckers, single coils even active!). The Sludge control is a pre-fuzz bass control circuit to allow you to adjust exactly how much bass gets pushed through the fuzz circuit. The Trifecta's variable tone control is also a push/pull type switch which lets you go from classic scooped to an audiophile strong-fundamental flat EQ.

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