Wizard Amplification Vintage Classic 2x12 Combo (Circa 2014)

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Circa 2014 Wizard Amplification Vintage Classic 2x12 50 Watt Combo is in excellent condition and perfect playing order.

It has a very light scuff on the right side of the top back panel, and some minor scuffs on the bottom corners. Otherwise it's super clean!

Wizard Amplification Inc. is based out of Canada and all their amplifiers are hand-wired, point-to-point, and use the highest quality components available!

The tonal signature of our VINTAGE CLASSIC COMBO is reminiscent of the mid-sixties British tube amps. Two channels, one top-boosted and one for rhythm. Four inputs (high and low sensitivity per channel) are ideal for cross-patching, either for channel blending or amplifier ganging.

The pre-amp section is simple and straight ahead, with only enough gain to drive the output stage to full saturation. At maximum output, the harmonic content is smooth and rich and the feel is punchy and full. Reducing the output produces a pure, clean tone.

Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls. Master volume per channel, and a global master volume on the bottom of the chassis near the speaker outputs, the impedance selector, and the variable line out. The master volumes on the face are both push/pull pots that act as a bright switch for the respective volumes. The bass control is also a push/pull pot that is a subtle bass boost.

Celestion Heritage G12M Greenback speakers.

4-8-16 ohm impedance selector.

Gold Graphics, E34L powered 50 watt model.

Dimensions: 20.75" High - 27.75" Wide - 10.25" Deep.

Weighs 70 Pounds.

For the last 25 years WIZARD has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high-end tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

All Wizard products are built in Canada by Wizard Amplification Inc. with construction consisting of military type turret boards, true point to point soldering, premium capacitors and metal film resistors for stability and tolerance.

Fully welded and polished 14 gauge nickel and brass plated steel chassis support high quality custom built transformers.

Lexan control panels dress these amplifiers and high grade potentiometers control them. Heavy duty sockets are fitted with matched sets of high grade tubes.

Hand wired and zero compromise in construction assures ultimate reliability in the studio and on the road.

All cabinets are of 100% Baltic birch in construction. Recessed handles, high quality speaker mounting hardware, aluminum jack plates with Switchcraft jacks, and high grade Tolex covering add to the combined class and ruggedness of all Wizard cabinetry.

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