TC Electronic Flashback Mini

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The TC Electronic Flashback Mini is a compact delay pedal that's sized to fit on even the most packed pedalboards. Guitarists at Sweetwater love the original Flashback delay, and you get the same versatility and tonal range in the Flashback Mini. And the possibilities are limitless - you can download custom TonePrint tone settings made by master guitarists, or even create your own unique tones with the free TonePrint editor software. From warm tape echoes to precise digital-style delays, the TC Electronic Flashback Mini is a tiny delay pedal with unlimited effects potential.

Mono delay pedal for electric guitar

A wide range of delay effects

TonePrint gives you instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by top performing guitarists

Feedback, delay, and FX level controls let your sculpt your delay sound any way you like

True bypass preserves your tone

Extra-small footprint saves precious pedalboard space

High-quality components

Road-ready design

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