Celestion Vox Alnico Blue 12" Speaker 16 ohm w/ Box

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Price : $289.99

This is a Vox branded Celestion Alnico Blue. Perfect working order and comes w/ the original box.

The Celestion Blue 12" guitar speaker gives you classic British tone with a warm body and distinctive growl. When Vox chose the Celestion Blue for their classic AC30 guitar amplifier, this speaker instantly became a part of classic rock history. When you think of the sound of the British invasion, you're hearing the sound of Celestion Blues hard at work. It's a sound like no other guitar speaker on earth!

  • A 12" guitar speaker with classic British sound
  • The unmistakable sound of the British Invasion
  • Great for all musical styles
  • 15W
  • 75Hz-5kHz
  • 16 Ohms
  • 9.3 lbs.

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